Research and Innovations

A single industry-wide plan of research and
development (R&D) topics was developed
It includes not only applied research,
but also exploratory research
that can open up new development
paths for the industry.

A competition of conceptual designs was
held to provide a rationale for radically new developments.
More than 650 applications were submitted for the competition;
190 applications were selected in various areas.

One of the key parts of the pilot
and demonstration energy facility, the
Fabrication and Refabrication Module (FRM),
which is designed to produce mixed nitride
uranium-plutonium fuel for fast neutron reactors,
is being constructed on the site of JSC Siberian
Chemical Combine.

ROSATOM continued to participate in international
mega research projects, such as the International
Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER),
the Facility for Antiproton and Ion
Research in Europe (FAIR) and Generation IV.

Internal research and
development costs amounted
to 3.0% of revenue.

The number of international
applications filed and
patents obtained in
the reporting year
totalled 417.

Key Results in 2019
Key Results in 2018