Partnership and Development
in the Arctic

A Federal Law that gives ROSATOM the powers of the infrastructure operator of the Northern Sea Route was adopted.

Total tonnage of vessels escorted along the Northern Sea Route by nuclear icebreakers, million tonnes

The construction of three new
project 22220 multipurpose
nuclear icebreakers continued.

The reactor unit of the Vaygach nuclear icebreaker (whose service life was extended to 200,000 hours in 2017) and two reactor units of the Yamal nuclear icebreaker were reloaded. These measures will make it possible to operate these icebreakers during the next few years with minimal time spent on running maintenance and scheduled repairs.

The Nadym icebreaking tugboat was put into operation, and the construction of the Ob port icebreaker continued (as part of the project to create of a fleet of port vessels for the needs of OJSC Yamal LNG).


To participate in the implementation
of the Comprehensive Plan
for Upgrading and Expanding
Core Infrastructure until
2024 by developing
the Northern Sea Route.

To launch Ural, the second
follow-on icebreaker.

To conduct sea trials of the Arktika flagship nuclear icebreaker.

To start the construction of Lider, the new most powerful icebreaker, which enable year-round operation in the High Arctic, mainly in its eastern sector.

By 2027, Russia plans to have a unique fleet comprising 8 nuclear vessels that will provide icebreaker assistance to all important Arctic projects in the country.

Key Results in 2019
Key Results in 2018