Safe Operation

In 2018, ROSATOM
ensured safe and
steady operation of
nuclear enterprises.

As in many recent years,
in 2018, no events rated at
level 2 or higher on the
international INES scale were
recorded at Russian
nuclear power plants.

(Level 1 and 0 deviations do not pose a threat to the life and health of
employees operating the facilities, local residents or the environment).

In 2018, the injury
frequency rate across
the industry was
relatively low
compared to major
Russian companies.

The injury frequency rate (FR) stood at 0.25,
which is more than five times
lower than the national average (FR = 1.2).

Comparative data on industrial injuries in Russia and ROSATOM, injury frequency rate (FR)

In 2018, large-scale work
was carried out as part
of the implementation of
the Federal Target Programme
on Nuclear and Radiation Safety
for the period from 2016 through
2020 and for the period
until 2030 (FTP NRS 2).

In 2018, progress in achieving the main goal of FTP NRS
2 totalled 12.2%, as against a target of 10.6%.

Expenditure on environmental
protection totalled
RUB 24.24 billion.

Energy costs were reduced
by 8.9% compared to 2015
as the base year.

The volume of industrial
and consumer waste generated
by ROSATOM decreased by
more than 25% compared to 2017.

Key Results in 2019
Key Results in 2018