Annual report
Natural capital management of the Rosatom State Corporation as a factor of sustainable development and the Efficiency of the Activities of the Rosatom State Corporation in the Reporting Period

  • Setting up the Lifecycle Back-end Management Division
  • All-Russia educational forum “New Generation – Resource of the Future” within the project “ROSATOM’s School”
  • Establishment of Uranium One Holding N.V., which consoli- dates the overseas uranium mining assets of ROSATOM
  • The IAEA International Ministerial Conference “Nucle- ar Power in the 21st Century” and the International Forum ATOMEXPO-2013 in St. Petersburg
  • The operation to rescue Russian polar explorers from the drifting research station North Pole-40 in the Arctic Ocean

  • The first night of the musical “We” within the project NucK- ids 2013 in Kesthele, Hungary
  • Beginning of project surveys for construction of Smolensk Phase II
  • Handover of Bushehr NPP to Iran for operation
  • First power generation at Kudankulam-1 (Republic of India)
  • Completion of modernisation of the process complex for the fabrication of fuel, fuel rods, and fuel assemblies with MOX-fuel for BN-600 and BN-800 reactors at SRC NIIAR
  • The first contest “Ecology Entity Par Excellence of the Nu- clear Sector” (the winner: Kursk NPP)
  • Initial concrete laid at Tianwan-4 in the People’s Republic of China
  • Delivery of the Olympic torch to the North Pole by the 50 Let Pobedy nuclear-powered icebreaker
  • Launch of the third overseas Atomic Energy Information Centre (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
  • ROSATOM won the tender for building an NPP in Jordan
  • Restart of Leningrad-1 after completed restoration of life- time performance of RBMK-1000 reactor
  • The keel of the pilot universal nuclear-powered icebreaker of the new generation laid at Baltijskiy Zavod
  • ROSATOM won the tender for building an NPP in Jordan
  • Completion of the multi-year cooperation under the Rus- sia-U.S. HEU Programme that reprocessed Russian weap- ons-grade uranium into fuel for U.S. NPPs
  • Signing of an agreement package by ROSATOM and the Finnish Company Fennovoima to build Hanhikivi NPP
  • Preparation for the first criticality of BN-800 reactor at Be- loyarsk NPP

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