About ROSATOM’s reports

Since 2009, ROSATOM has been developing a public reporting system whereby the Corporation and its organizations prepare integrated annual reports based on Russian and international standards and best practices in this area.

Intern+ational  Framework

The Global Reporting Initiative

Account Ability AA 1000

The overall goal of public reporting in the industry is to make ROSATOM more open and transparent, enhance its image and business reputation, make it more competitive and provide information support for the promotion of ROSATOM’s products and services in the Russian Federation and abroad.

ROSATOM prepares its public annual reports in accordance with the following international public reporting standards and guidelines:

  • The GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards
  • The International Integrated Reporting Framework
  • The AA1000 AccountAbility Standards

They have provided the basis for the development and approval of ROSATOM’s Public Reporting Policy (it defines public reporting goals and objectives, reporting principles, the allocation of responsibility, etc.). In order to implement this Policy, a Public Reporting Standard has been prepared; it is applied both by ROSATOM and its organizations.